If you are into keeping fit then Workout Assistant may be just the kind of app you will need on your BlackBerry Z10 or Q10. Just how I like things - the user interface is kept clean and crisp but the app still offers plenty of functionality.

I must admit I'm not very active and sports are not my thing, but for testing purposes I pretended I was into weight training! So adding activities to Workout Assistant is super easy. You just tap the 'Add New' tab at the base of the screen and off you go. You can then name the activity and a description and then add as many different exercises to it as you like.

There are a bunch of fields you can fill in such as Name, Sets, Weight, Time and Notes - so keeping track of what you have done or even what you intend to do is a piece of cake.

Priced at $0.99/£0.75 Workout Assistant is a bargain if you ask me. Ooh, I feel my muscles bulging already!

Full features include:

  • BB10 NATIVE User Interface and Technology
  • Ready for Z10 & Q10
  • Unlimited Plans/Logs
  • Single Plan Editinf/Deleting
  • Unlimited exercises for plan
  • Single Exercise Deleting
  • Lot of fields for every Exercise (reps, sets, weight, notes...)
  • Built in Timer
  • NO ADS!

More information/Download Workout Assistant for BlackBerry 10