BlackBerry introduces WorkLife for enterprise users

BlackBerry Balance has been key for many users in the corporate world, allowing to have two distinct areas on one device — one personal and one business. Balance does a great job at keeping these two areas separate, but it's still not the perfect solution. Today BlackBerry introduced WorkLife — a new way for enterprise customers to use their devices.

WorkLife by BlackBerry isn't just split billing – it's a new way to manage telecom expenses, protect employee privacy and control your company assets. And it couldn't be easier. WorkLife by BlackBerry precisely distinguishes between work use and personal use of an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry smartphone by introducing separate lines managed by the enterprise.

With WorkLife by BlackBerry, enterprises can easily add a separate corporate phone number to a personal device brought in by the employee (BYOD). WorkLife by BlackBerry allows the enterprise to pay for the work line (voice, SMS and data) while allowing employees to keep their personal line for personal use.

Now with BYOD, enterprises can easily add a separate, corporate phone number to a personal device — complete with separate billing for phone, SMS and data. That means a user won't have to worry about carrying two devices, or using their personal data for company business. Much in the same manner as Balance, this new number is controlled by the enterprise and can be removed from a device at any time, and even assigned to another user.