We first took a look at Workahol when it was released for BlackBerry 10 and my initial review was extremely positive if you need an all in one to-do application. As well as Workahol now also supporting the BlackBerry Q10 it has just been updated with a bunch of nice new features.

New to Workahol:

  • Share your notes, lists and expenses to BBM, email, Remember, SMS and other services! Just use the ‘share’ button in the press&hold context menu. In the app Settings screen you can choose whether or not to include the ‘sent via’ signature.
  • Implemented AM/PM clock. Choose between military time and AM/PM clock in the app Settings screen.
  • UI facelift on note/list/expense editing screens.
  • New ‘enter’ key functionality for quickly editing content without leaving your keyboard. Just press the ‘enter’ key from the title of a note/list/expense to go to the next input field. On lists and expenses, you can also create new items by pressing the ‘enter’ key from the last input field.
  • Checking items in expenses will subtract their numeric value from the ‘total’ field.
  • While editing numeric values in expenses, the numeric keyboard will get activated.
  • Note content is now full-screen height on Z10 models.
  • Minor bug fixes in all editing screens.
  • Minor updates to the ‘about’ screen.
  • More features are still to come. User feedback is what encouraged me to continue improving the app, and all ideas are always very appreciate

If sharing notes/lists and expenses is your thing then Workahol will cater nicely for it.

More information/Download Workahol for BlackBerry 10