Work Wide v1.3.0.61 update brings multiple bug fixes and improvements

Following up on the initial rollout of v1.3, Work Wide has now been updated to v1.3.0.61. While there are no new features in this release, the changelog does note there are many bug fixes and improvements that should improve the user experience. If you've been having issues with Work Wide, have a look and see if they have been fixed in this latest build.

Bug fixes all over the place

  • Fixed - There was a bug that when 'Browser' was set as default that causeI got all kinds of craziness to happen. If you swapped sides it would go into an infinite loop of switching, flipping and flopping. If you tried to switch apps it would switch back to the Browser. Also caused battery drain. Regardless, it has been fixed.
  • Fixed - Incorrect Active Frame when right Picture was selected then switched sides.
  • Fixed - Browser context menu would not disappear if you switched apps.
  • Improvement - Browser context menu button now toggles between open and close.
  • Fixed/Improvement - Picture App now allows you to open pictures that have gigantic resolutions such as the ones that the BlackBerry Passport takes when you set the camera to 4:3 or 16:9

The update is available now through BlackBerry World and should be appearing in your available updates list. If it's not, just refresh BlackBerry World or do a search for Work Wide and it should appear for you. If you're never given Work Wide a shot yet, check out our hands-on video with all the latest features below.

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