Work Wide

Although it hasn't been all that long since the last Work Wide update, the latest version has now arrived on BlackBerry World. This release brings some slight visual changes to all devices via a new action bar on the menu page as well as some movement of action items to make getting around Work Wide easier. Additionally, there's also device specific changes that we've outlined below as well as the overall general improvements to improve app memory usage and load times. Have a look through the full list.

All Devices:

  • New action bar on the Menu page.
  • History icon added to action bar on the Calculator apps. Previously the only way to access the history in the Calculator was to press the "3 bar" button above the keypad to match the native app. It was often too small to press, so the action item has been added.
  • Backend code clean up.
  • Minor improvements in memory usage and load times.

Device Specific Changes:

  • On full touch devices, main note text field on the Composer app now resizes while typing.
  • On the BlackBerry Classic, the back button on the tool belt now closes the Menu page. Also, the "trash" and "save" buttons on the Composer app are now accessible via the trackpad.

If you've previously purchased Work Wide, be sure to grab the update. If you're new to Work Wide, hit play on the video below for a closer look or head on over to BlackBerry World to learn more.

Learn more / Purchase Work Wide from BlackBerry World

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