Work Wide rolls out bug fix update

Although the last Work Wide update was only issued a few days ago, it seems as though that release didn't fully address one of the bugs noted to be fixed. After the update, some customers still experienced a bug that caused the app to crash when SMS was involved. With that in mind, a new release is now available through BlackBerry World.

In the previous update we thought we had resolved the issue around SMS crashing for some users and instead we made the problem worse. This update reverts that SMS bug back to only when you open the SMS app within Work Wide. This will allow users who are experiencing the crashing to use all the other portions of the app while we resolve the SMS crash. To that point, please consider removing your reviews that mention the crashing upon opening the app after the update. If you are not experiencing crashing, there is no need to update.

To give back a little for all the support and show some appreciation while they work through that bug, the developers have offered up 100 free copies of Work Wide for download through the use of a redemption code. To access it, open up BlackBerry World, swipe from the top, go to redeem and enter in code SorryForTheCrashing and you'll be able to download Work Wide for free, while supplies last.

EDIT: Brian here (I have admin since I write the Weekend Coder posts, so I hope Bla1ze doesn't mind my edit)... All "100" codes have now been used up. But apparently I had left the cap off the promo code for 45 minutes and 1750 promo codes were redeemed! You guys really are quick!! No worries though, I hope everyone enjoys Work Wide!!