Work Wide for BlackBerry 10 Updated

After a few teases and a little bit of a beta testing period, the long awaited Work Wide v1.3 update is now available on BlackBerry World. If you'll recall, the last Blaq update teased a little something special that was never quite fully revealed but with the release of Work Wide, the pieces of the puzzle have now come together.

As noted in the changelog for Work Wide, aside from the general improvements and bug fixes, v1.3 includes the addition of Blaq integration allowing you to continue to view your feed on one-half of the screen and view pictures/web pages of tweets on the other half. An awesome addition, especially for hardcore Twitter users.

Major Changes

  • Blaq (Twitter): Blaq live streaming Twitter timeline and mentions feed automatically connects to your Blaq app installed on your device. Blaq integration into Work Wide takes your Twitter experience to the next level. Now you can continue to view your feed on one-half of the screen and view pictures/web pages of tweets on the other half! **Requires Blaq v1.5+ to be installed on your device and Background Updates to be enabled within Blaq account settings.***

  • Second Picture App: In conjunction with the Blaq addition we needed a second Picture app. Beyond using it with Blaq, you can now easily compare two pictures side by side by using both Picture apps at the same time.

  • Web Browser Improvements: Each Web Browser now has their own "context menu" to provide additional features and navigation. Reader mode has been added using's service. Duplicate page allows you to easily open your current page into your other Work Wide Web Browser. Also the web address now auto highlights when selecting as well as the web/search text field expands to see a bit more of the web address.

Minor Changes

  • Fixed: SMS font size not using system font size
  • Fixed: Occasional unexpected behavior when viewing an app full screen
  • Fixed:: Occasional improper (re)sizing of apps
  • Other small bug fixes

If you've already purchased Work Wide, you should see the update available to you through the updates section of BlackBerry World. If you're new to Work Wide, you can hit the link below to grab it from BlackBerry World for only $3.99.

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