Work Wide - The best multitasking app ever now on BlackBerry World

For those of you who own a BlackBerry Passport, you already know the device was built around productivity. But what if you could further improve that productivity through an app? That's the goal with the new Work Wide app now available in BlackBerry World. The Work Wide app started life based on speculation of being able to run two apps side-by-side on the BlackBerry Passport but when that didn't become a reality, Brian Scheirer and Olaf Hanson decided to take action and make it happen.

Work Wide is specifically designed to allow for maximum productivity on your BlackBerry Passport. Using the wide screen, Work Wide lets you have two "apps" side by side. It has a built in Web Browser, Composer, Calculator, Picture Viewer, and Txt Viewer.

  • Browser: Full HTML5 web browsing experience, with reader mode (press "R").
  • Composer: Send, Save, Share messages and notes. Opening saved messages will open its accompanying "app" (browser, picture, etc.) exactly where you left off.
  • Calculator: Similar to the native calculator, complete with calculation history. Ability to run two calculators at once.
  • Picture Viewer: View pictures stored on your device, media card, or connected cloud storage.
  • Txt Viewer: View .txt files directly in the split screen. Doc, Xls, ppt, and pdf available but will open full screen. However, Work Wide allows you to quickly reopen those files for easy access.

Other Features:

  • First time opened Welcome Tour (able to be viewed again via the Info Page).
  • Swap sides of each "app".
  • Adjust widths to allow for larger viewing of one of the sides.
  • Live active frame to that changes based off your active "apps".
Work Wide on the BlackBerry Passport

I've been using Work Wide throughout its beta stages, and it has really changed how I use my BlackBerry Passport, for the better. Have you ever been browsing the web and needed to copy something from a web page into and email only to end up 'losing' the email pane and have to start a new one? Work Wide eliminates that. You can open the webpage in Work Wide and compose your email, right on the split screen and send it off instantly without worry.

How about when you're browsing the web and you want to listen to a song while doing so, so you fire up a YouTube link and all of a sudden you can't really do anything else in the browser? Work Wide eliminates that. You can use the regular web browser to listen to the song and open up Work Wide to have another browser instance open. You can listen to your song while still browsing through whatever on the web and even fire off some emails at the same time if you need to.

Honestly, there's so many uses for Work Wide I can't list them all here. It would be a massive post with a ton of different scenarios, so let me just wrap this one up and say if you own a BlackBerry Passport you're going to want to give Work Wide a try. It's available right now in BlackBerry World for $2.99 but keep in mind; it was specifically built for the BlackBerry Passport and as such, is not available to any other devices.

If you're looking for more details on the backstory of Work Wide, hit this link or visit the Work Wide site. We'll have a full review of Work Wide up in a few days.

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