If you haven't had a chance to explore BlackBerry App World recently there are a lot of cool games for the PlayBook. Since I spend a couple of hours on the train each day I make sure to try and play as many as I can to keep me occupied. That's how I found WordStone by Ocean Breeze Games Inc. For me, combining a long commute with an interesting word game really makes the time fly by and get the old noggin in gear. This game may cause significant bouts of procrastination when it comes to work. Consider yourself warned.

Seriously folks, this game has all the elements of a great word game. There's cool graphics (Aztec theme), a countdown timer at the top, a dragon at the bottom to show your progress, bomb tiles and immovable tiles (like Bookworm) and of course a difficult playing field. The object of the game is to use the sliding block to grab and rearrange the tiles to form words before your screen fills up and reaches the indicator line. Words must be between three and eight letters and you can even play two at a time. When you form a word it will light up for you to submit even if its not the one you originally intended. You don't always have to follow these suggestions but when you're almost ready to implode you need all the help you can get.

This is a fantastic word game and I almost missed my stop because of it. Not only is it challenging but when the playing field starts to fill up its nerve-wracking to try and come up with the next play. Believe me you have to be fast or you'll lose. Just be sure to grab the right letters. I have a tendency to go too fast and wind up rearranging the whole board.

There's just a couple things you need to know. There's no real way to pause the game unless you load another app and it only works in portrait mode. Faults aside, it's definitely one of those games that makes you wonder where the time went. Did I mention there's no lag? So why not go pick this up one today at BlackBerry App World. After all it is free.

More information / download WordStone from BlackBerry App World

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