WordRival is a newer game for BlackBerry devices. If you are familiar with Words with Friends or Scrabble then WordRival should be pretty a pretty fun, easy game for you. We held off on posting about it before because it had some bugs in it. But, with the latest update now available for download all the previous bugs have been addressed. Some features of WordRival include:

  • Play against friends anywhere in the world over the Internet
  • Find a random opponent to play against over the Internet with one click
  • Play in Pass'n'Play mode with just one BlackBerry phone
  • Get notified when the other played has moved so you can close the app
  • Vibration alerts when it's your go
  • Play as many games simultaneously as you like
  • Chat with your opponent using the in-built chat window

Right now, you can grab WordRival's latest version (1.0.8) from the CrackBerry App Store for only $3.99. You'll need a device that's running OS 5 and higher to get in on the action though. Keep in mind though, where there is no single player mode you'll reliant upon who is logged in and playing at the time to have someone to play with.

  • Click Here To Learn More About And Purchase WordRival For Your BlackBerry>>

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