A while back we now, WordPress confirmed they would be releasing a native version of their blogging app for BlackBerry 10 as part of their Google Summer of Code participation. Since then, we've not heard a lot about the app but if you head on over to the WordPress BlackBerry Blog, there is a beta version available for download plus with WordPress being open source they've also added the source files on their Github repo.

The beta is very much that. A beta and it's pretty bare bones when compared to the already existing Android port available on BlackBerry World and it comes as a .BAR file, meaning you'll need to sideload it in order to make use of it. With that info out there though, if you're willing to give it a go and offer some feedback, the file is readily available via the link below. Also, if you're a developer this might be a good project to work on.

Download WordPress for BlackBerry 10 Beta