Wordpress Mobile Updated

In the short time it has been out Wordpress for BlackBerry has seen some significant changes happen to the beta. Updates have remained and consistent and bug fixes have been put into effect almost instantly. Having updated the application to version Wordpress claims they are almost out of beta now and the application sure is testament to that claim. New in

  • Based on all the great feedback, we reworked much of the UI layout for the main view, blog view, and media view
  • Ability to upload videos from your media library
  • New option to set media file properties (filename, caption, title, and position)
  • Created a new file browser that resembles the native BlackBerry file browser
  • Big improvements in the speed at which you can view and manage comments
  • Lots of optimizations for uploading photos and videos using base64 encoding
  • Indonesian language support updated thanks to Kate of Pixel Insert
  • Improved French language support thanks to Yann Nave of blog.onbebop.net

The inclusion of video updating alone is a huge jump for Automattic but with all the other improvements I'm sure many people are looking forward to version 1.0's release.

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