WordBubbles is a challenging word game with a twist

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To keep my mind sharp and improve my vocabulary, I play word games. Whether it be word search, crossword puzzles, Scrabble, or Boggle, I've tried and enjoyed them all. The latest one to pop up on my radar is WordBubbles. Do not let the stylish and colorful interface fool you. This is a challenging game for those fond of word search style puzzles and brainteasers.

Being this is a word search puzzle, the goal is quite simple. You must swipe across, up, down, and diagonally to connect each letter/bubble to find the hidden words in the grid. However, if you didn't see it coming, there is a slight twist. Unlike other word games where the goal might be to find all of the hidden words which appear on a set list, with WordBubbles there is no list, and all of the words are unknown. Your goal is to determine the specific words the level is looking for as indicated by the empty rows and spaces below the grid. Each row is a word to be found, and each grey bubble is a letter. The number of words and their length vary by difficulty and increase as you progress. This game wouldn't be challenging if it also didn't ask you to swipe each letter in the correct order as long as they are adjacent to one another. If you find you are unable to swipe to connect bubbles, you probably need to restart the level.

This concept makes WordBubbles a game of trial and error to arrive at the correct combination of letters. While each category has a certain theme (i.e. Coral, Algae, and Oyster), the words and levels do not. Hints are given for free and earned as you play. If you require more, you can purchase them within the app. However, I warn you hints only give one letter of one word at a time. As the words in each level are random, hints do not always help.

Word Bubbles comes with more than 400 levels and a daily challenge to earn free bonus hints. It's fun, challenging, and exercises your brain all at the same time.

You can download WordBubbles for free in Google Play for the BlackBerry Priv, the Amazon Underground (US, UK, Germany, and France only), or the Amazon Appstore for BlackBerry 10 devices. WordBubbles does show ads at the bottom of the screen, but an in-app purchase of one of the hint packs can remove them.

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