Looking for a new game to quickly become addicted to? Tired of playing poker or breaking bricks, well then it is time to check out Word Farm for BlackBerry. Word Farm has been out for a bit on Android, and has been released for BlackBerry today, and it is quite an addictive word game.

The concept of the game is to use the letters on the screen to spell as many words in the allotted time as possible. Of course, the longer the word the more points, and there are various achievements to unlock and various secret words which will give you bonus' in addition to extra points. You may be thinking how addicting can a word game really be, well give it a shot for yourself and find out just how addicted you can become. The game is available through BlackBerry App World for $2.99, so click the link below and get to downloading, and hit the break for a preview video!

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