ShortcutMe 4.0

Sam from Fonware let me know that the multitasking shortcut application, ShortcutMe 4.1, is now available for the BlackBerry Bold 9650 and Tour 9630. To recap, ShortcutMe nearly turns your entire BlackBerry into a giant convenience key. Picture having multiple applications at the ready, with only have to click your convenience keys or space key multiple times. For example; you can click once for browser access, twice to call your mom or thrice to clean your device memory. The application also contains built in screen capture, stock market and weather forecast access.

With over 150 customizable BlackBerry tasks and apps to play with, ShortcutMe is nothing short of fantastically handy. No more having to decide which two apps you want to assign to the left and right convenience keys. Composing messages, adding calendar entries or tasks have never been easier to initialize. In version 4.1, some of the new features include:

  • Added cascaded shortcuts to supported apps:

    Allows creating a shortcut to run several shortcuts one after each other. For example; create a 'Leaving Home' shortcut that turns off WiFi, turns on cellular radio, turns on Bluetooth and launches your favorite music, so that you can hear it in your cars handsfree. You can then create an 'Entering Office' shortcut and so on. (allows to make any combinations of users own shortcuts).

  • Allows creating a shortcut to toggle Mass Storage Mode
  • Allows creating a shortcut to ‘Receive_Using_BT’ feature on BlackBerry.
  • Allows adding symbols to shortcuts
  • When editing or creating shortcuts, 'Show Me Online Info Page' takes users to an online page, where they can read about the selected application.

Shortcuts are the best way to get the most out of your time, and your BlackBerry. You’ll find yourself more efficient than ever with an application like ShortcutMe on hand. You can pick up ShortcutMe for $4.99 from the CrackBerry App Store.

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