WMExperts final take on the BlackBerry Bold!

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Our Windows Mobile-loving pal Dieter has packed up my BlackBerry Bold and shipped it off to our Treo-loving gal Jennifer. Now without CrackBerry, Dieter has posted his final thoughts of the Bold and his BlackBerry experience in a very detailed, must-read review (even RIM should read this one!).

Overall Dieter is much happier with his BlackBerry experience this year than he was with with the Curve in our first Round Robin, but he does take the BlackBerry OS to task with some pretty pointed remarks, namely by saying the BlackBerry Bold is the Treo 650 of the BlackBerry Ecosystem. Looking at where Palm is today, it's a pretty bold statement to make... we've all seen where Palm has gone since that device came out. You'll want to head over to and read the full review. Be sure to leave some comments on behalf of CrackBerry Nation. And in case you missed Dieter's initial impressions video on the BlackBerry Bold, we have that after the jump. Enjoy the show!!

Windows Mobile Lover Dieter on the BlackBerry Bold