WJD Zone

Customizing your device is an everyday thing for some folks. People are always looking for new wallpapers and new themes for their devices to help make them their own but looking around for new wallpapers and such can be time consuming due to the fact a lot of wallpaper sites have the same stuff as all the other sites out there.

That's where WJD Zone comes in for all you BlackBerry PlayBook owners. WJD Zone contains unique customized wallpapers designed to fit your BlackBerry PlayBook, all of which can be set directly from within the app itself. Rather then picking from the same old designs posted everywhere else, you get fresh new designs automatically updated within the app to choose from.

WJD Zone is available in BlackBerry App World right now for $1.99, also with it if you look under the friendzone section, you'll find the customized CrackBerry wallpaper as shown above. If you're not into paying for wallpapers, then be sure to check out the CrackBerry Wallpaper gallery instead but $1.99 for some truly unique wallpapers isn't a lot to ask.

Purchase WJD Zone from BlackBerry App World