WJD Designs Teams Up With JP Designs To Offer Up 50% Off Theme Sale

I love seeing the developer community work together, it always ends good for BlackBerry users. This time around WJD and JP Designs have teamed up to offer you all a great sale on any of their themes. Up until May 21st, you can grab a theme(s) from either developer for 50% off. Just make sure you use the coupon codes when adding to your cart in either on-device CrackBerry Superstore or the mobile app store (note - coupon codes do not work in the main software.crackberry.com website). The codes are wjdsunshine1 for WJD Designs themes and wjdsunshine2 for JP Design themes. Grab up your favorites while they are on sale, including the BlackBerry 6 replica from WJD Designs.