Wizard's Dungeon

You have been captured by the evil wizard Kerberos and sent to your doom deep in his dank, foul dungeon of lost souls. Every second is a fight to stay alive as orbs holding the souls of his countless victims descend upon you. Unleash the power of the four magic orbs to aid in your survival. Burn them with Fire Rage, impale them with Lightning Tower, freeze time itself with Ice Storm, and destroy the darkness with Holy Light! Will you survive, or will you become yet another soul lost to the darkness of the Wizard's Dungeon?

Carbide Software has taken the classic bubble popping game and given it a whole new angle with Wizard's Dungeon. With this game you have two different styles of game play to choose from: Torment (swap existing orbs to survive as long as you can) and Despair (summon orbs to clear the level before being crushed). Each mode has three levels of difficulty. Wizard's Dungeon has a good set of instructions for how to play, though I didn't read them and still found the game easy to pick up on as I went through it. The animation and graphics are good, and there are a lot of cool details that you don't see often in this type of game.

You can purchase the premium version of Wizard's Dungeon for $1.99, but there is also a demo version that's free. The demo limits gameplay to 3 minutes at a time, and you can't save your scores, but there are no ads so that's nice. I recommend downloading the demo version and giving it a try, and then going back and buying the premium so you can play as long as you like. Compatible with most devices.

For more information/screenshots and to download the free Wizard's Dungeon demo
For more information/screenshots and to purchase Wizard's Dungeon for $1.99

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