Wireless Wipes for Mobile Devices

As a certified CrackBerry Addict I'm always trying to get my hands on the latest and greatest BlackBerry things - devices, accessories, software apps, etc.. Sometimes this presents a real challenge (I'm still sad that I never managed to get a Storm pre-release!) and sometimes I get lucky and the mail man unexpectedly delivers something new to check out, as was the case with Wireless Wipes.

To be totally honest, until I received the info and sample package from Wireless Wipes I had never really given any thought of my BlackBerry(s) as being a breeding ground for bacteria. I guess I tend to subscribe to the whole out of sight out of mind and what doesn't kill me makes me stronger schools of thought. And I'm guessing the founder of Wireless Wipes thought the same thing until his little incident - read the text on the package above. Here's the details on Wireless Wipes:

Our unique Wireless Wipes are the only known sanitizer designed specifically to clean mobile phones, PDA's (personal digital assistants) and laptop computer screens. They are fast drying to prevent moisture damage, non-streaking and non-corrosive with a pleasant green tea-cucumber scent. Wireless Wipescomes in 10-count re-sealable pouches which can fit neatly in a shirt or jacket pocket.

A pouch of 10 wipes sells for $2.95. You can buy them online right now at their website, and I'm sure you'll start seeing these pop up in retail locations in the months ahead.

So what do you think... is this a product you would buy? Would you use it? Have you been using Wireless Wipes or something else to keep your BlackBerry germ-free already? Do you think there's the need? I'm curious to hear everyone's thoughts in the comments!!