Literally just minutes ago, Microsoft put live a preview version of Skype for Windows Phone 8 into their app store. Just to rub some salt on the wounds while we wait for BlackBerry 10, Daniel Rubino (the Editor in Chief of our sister site Windows Phone Central), called me up to test out his shiny new Skype app on his equally shiny and new Nokia Lumia 920. Watch the video above and you can see it in action. Microsoft owns Skype of course, so it's no surprise that they're putting effort into seamlessly integrating Skype into the Windows Phone 8 experience. I'm not going to deny it... the Skype experience in this preview looks real good.

Skype is one of those apps I find people are either 100% down with or just don't care about at all. Personally, I rely on Skype. I'm logged into Skype whenever I'm at the computer and make literally dozens of Skype calls every day. Outside the web browser, Skype is without a doubt my most-used app. It's definitely an app I want to see on my BlackBerry 10 phone come 2013.

Will we see Skype come to BlackBerry 10? Officially, we still don't know. Personally, I'd love to see it. To me it's worth RIM giving Microsoft whatever ransom payment it takes to make it happen, though for competitive reasons even with a lot of money on the table it's possibly something Microsoft doesn't want to do, or even if they are willing it's low on the priority list. Although, with recent word that Skype is becoming the new Microsoft Messenger -- and Microsoft Messenger being something that historically is available on all platforms, including BlackBerry -- maybe we'll see it happen sooner than later. My fingers are crossed.

All I know is that if there's anything I can do to help speed up the process of bringing Skype to BlackBerry 10, I'm down for it. I'll eat more onions. I'll go on a hunger strike for Skype. We can organize more mass email campaigns

Check out the video above.... and be sure to let me know in the comments just where you fall on the need for Skype meter.