Native IM apps

Earlier today OS leaked for the unreleased BlackBerry Bold 9900. While this OS as a whole isn't useful for, well, anyone at this point, there are people out there that can dissect an OS and get useful bits out of it. As a result, we now have leaked versions of some popular IM apps, namely Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger. They are all v2.5.85, and only tested on BB6+. Here's the deal… if you decide to try these out, backup your device first. Install these at your own risk, and if something goes wrong, don't blame us. With that said, let us know how they work for you in the comments below or in the forums! Thanks for posting this in the forums lyricidal!

Download Windows Live Messenger v2.5.85 (OS6+)
Download Yahoo! Messenger v2.5.85 (OS6+)
Download Google Talk v2.5.85 (OS6+)

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