BlackBerry Z10 coming soon

WIND Mobile has opened up pre-registration for the BlackBerry Z10 in Canada, and told us that it would be available this month. Meanwhile Mobilicity confirmed with us that they'll get it (and have been teasing the Z10 since the announcement), though there's no announcement about date or pricing just yet.  

The Big Three carriers and their subsidiaries dominated the Toronto launch event - not only when the Canadian speakers were on stage, but also in the app exhibition area.  The Z10 is a big launch for Canadians, and WIND and Mobilicity will be awfully late to the game if they're on the American availability schedule. We're fairly sure the Z10 from Rogers, Bell and TELUS does not support AWS, and even if it did, we're having a heck of a time unlocking the SIM slot.

Any WIND or Mobilicity customers trying to get their mitts on a Z10? Would you bite the bullet and sign up with Rogers, Bell, or TELUS if they don't have Z10s available relatively soon? 

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