Been looking for an alternative way to get your hands on a brand new BlackBerry Torch? Qwell can help you with that. While at DevCon10, I had the chance to meet up with the folks behind Qwell and they let me know of a cool contest they are currently running. The contest is rather simple. For every 1,000 likes on FaceBook and 1,000 Twitter followers they'll randomly select a winner to recieve a brand new BlackBerry Torch. Pretty easy way to possibly snag yourself a new BlackBerry.

If you haven't as of yet checked out Qwell, be sure to do so. The application works as a do not disturb utility that automatically silences your BlackBerry on incoming calls. Calls then get routed to a voice automated service which then asks if the call is an emergency. If it's not an emergency, then a voicemail is accepted and sent to your inbox. If it is an emergency, users are prompted to push the #9 and the call gets routed through. Pretty slick and great for those times when you really do not want to be bothered.

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