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CES 2023

CrackBerry 2.0 is starting to get really REAL! We announced our re-birth as a Tech Circus (it makes sense!), our Top 22 Favorite Tech Things of 2022 Giveaway is fully underway with lots of great products being talked about, and our new "beyond-BlackBerry" CrackBerry Club Forums are officially live!

To truly celebrate the history of CrackBerry and ring in the new year in style, the official CrackBerry relaunch event is taking place on January 6th at CES 2023! One avid CrackBerry fan can join the party as well!

Before all this over the past two years, when CrackBerry was part of the Mobile Nations party, we threw a few good parties at CES to celebrate being all together, and this year is going to be no different.

One avid CrackBerry fan will be able to join us in Las Vegas! We'll cover flights from North America, accommodation for two nights – including dinner with the CrackBerry gang on the first night, and the CrackBerry relaunch party on the second night – and an all-round great time in Las Vegas!

How to enter - Get in the CrackBerry Club!

In the VIP
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Entry is open until December 22nd 23:59 US Eastern Time. To enter, simply head over to this thread in the CrackBerry Clubhouse – which is part of the Brand New CrackBerry Forums – and leave a comment telling us:

  • What makes you an avid CrackBerry / BlackBerry / tech fan
  • Your CrackBerry / Mobile Nations history
  • Some random facts about you (so we can get to know you)
  • Your favorite drink!

If you're an existing member of CrackBerry with a history of posting in our legacy BlackBery forums, we've already reserved your username in the new CrackBerry Club forums. When you head to club.crackberry.com simply login via CrackBerry Passport and your user account will be activated.

A winner will be chosen from all the submissions and we'll be in touch on Christmas Day!

Please don't enter this part of the contest if you're not free to travel January 5th to January 7th, 2023. There are no cash or prize alternatives!

Enter to win a trip to the CrackBerry relaunch party!

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