OtterBox for the BlackBerry Bold - Win a Free OtterBox!


I received a message from a member earlier this week that I thought would be a good one to share with the CrackBerry community. It also ties in nicely with the news that OtterBox has now released their popular Defender Series case for the BlackBerry Bold...


I recently purchased an otterbox from the crackberry site. I'm sure you sell a lot of these, but I'd like to tell you my story. I live just south of Tampa, FL in a little town called Parrish. I have a fairly unusual job - I remove wildlife from homes and businesses - and own the company ( I consider myself a "high-tech redneck" of sorts.

My job is very demanding - it can involve anything from wrestling an alligator to removing wild boars to getting rid of Africanized bees. As you can see, that kind of work puts any type of device I carry to the test. Since I carry a Blackberry Pearl to conduct business while I'm in the field or on the job I had to find some way to protect it. I only wish I had known about the otterbox the day I got my Blackberry - it wouldn't have a scratch on it! The most I have to do now is use compressed air to blow out the sand and dirt every once in a while.

The otterbox is like having an insurance policy on my Blackberry. I love this thing! With the rubber grips I can handle it even when my hands are wet and slimey, and when I'm driving it keeps the phone from sliding around the dash. And the magnet is a nice touch - this is a great product and I sing its praises to anyone and everyone I know.

Please feel free to share this note in any way you please. If you want to know more about me or my business, you can visit my web site at

Thanks again for such a great product!

Jeff Norris
Nuisance Wildlife Removal, Inc

WIN AN OTTERBOX CONTEST: Pretty good story and testimonial, huh?? So good in fact, I think it calls for an impromptu CrackBerry Contest!! All you need to do is respond to this blog post and tell us either: a) your OtterBox for BlackBerry testimonial, or b) why you NEED to have an OtterBox for your BlackBerry. We'll pick THREE winners next week from the entries submitted and send you down the OtterBox of your choice! Be sure to login to the site before you post your comment (we need to be able to contact you if you win). Good Luck!

For more information and to purchase an OtterBox for your BlackBerry, Click Here.