I know, hard to believe right?! It seems not all that long ago we were celebrating CrackBerry's 10th birthday and here we are already celebrating our 12th birthday. February 26th, 2019 marks twelve years since the initial Hello World press release was published, and we've been rocking ever since!

At the time, CrackBerry Kevin let the mission be known, "We want to establish CrackBerry.com as the premier resource for anything and everything BlackBerry." and whether you're longtime member of the site who has been on this journey with us the whole time or a new member just joining us, we just want to say thanks to you for helping us each and every day to make that mission successful.

Without folks such as yourself reading the blog posts, we wouldn't be here. If it weren't for all the posts in the forums and the community and friendships created over the years, we wouldn't be here, so this is as much your celebration as it ours so Happy Birthday, CrackBerry!

Let's celebrate in typical CrackBerry fashion. Let's give some stuff away!

We're letting the winner choose their prize! That's right, the winner will get to pick their choice of available BlackBerry as their gift from us. So whether you want to get your hands on the BlackBerry KEY2, BlackBerry KEY2 LE or really long for the old days of BB10 and a phone like the Passport, we've got you covered.

To enter, just leave a comment below old school style 😉 and let us know which BlackBerry YOU would prefer and why! We'll let you enter through our actual birthday (February 26th) and pick a winner the next day! Feel free to enter once per day, but please don't spam the comments as that will get you disqualified.

The giveaway is open internationally, but please be aware that any customs fees are the responsibility of the winner. Also, the prize does not include service, and we make no guarantees that the phone will work on your carrier, so please be sure to keep that in mind when you enter.

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