In the crazy world of CrackBerry, I'm pretty sure today will forever be known as Mind-Blowing Monday. After all, a lot of mind blowing things did transpire today. Perhaps I use the word phrase "mind blowing" a little too interchangeably with awesome, amazing and wicked, but you know, that's just how I roll.. err... write.

At the least, I think most readers will agree it was overall a darn good day for BlackBerry, so to cap it off right I just couldn't go to bed tonight without putting up yet another mind-blowing CrackBerry contest for a chance to win a Z10. 

A Quick Recap of Mind Blowing Monday...

  • A major US carrier finally announced the release date of the BlackBerry Z10 today.
  • Pre-ordering for the AT&T Z10 even went live a few minutes early and was here before Monday's end.
  • BlackBerry stock had a good day too, with shares of BBRY finishing the day almost 15% up.
  • That old Android port of Netflix suddenly became available for Z10 owners to sideload (the app is glitchy, but the streaming is smooth - better than no Netflix for those who love Netflix).
  • And of course, I announced the CrackBerry surprise I teased on my last Editor's Desk post, letting CrackBerry Nation know we're taking our editorial coverage to NYC to usher in the Z10 to America. When we took CrackBerry HQ to Toronto for the Canada launch, I promised all of our US readers -- who would be waiting well over a month to get their hands on the phone -- that I would make sure we kept the excitement alive during the US launch. Many of you took my surprise to mean massive BlackBerry (not CrackBerry) news, so were a bit pi$$ed off initially at it, but I think overall now that dust has settled all see that it means great things for not just CrackBerry, but BlackBerry too. Having CB in NYC as the Z10 rolls out, you know we'll be doing everything we can to spread the love for BlackBerry in the USA.

For better and for worse, the latter reminded me just how passionate CrackBerry Nation can be. And that's the passion that makes CrackBerry the awesome community it is. And for that passion we're celebrating with an impromptu contest.

Enter to Win a BlackBerry Z10 in this Mind Blowing Contest

Simply login to CrackBerry and leave a single "mind blowing" comment to this post. Entering is as easy as that. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight EDT. Good luck!!