This weekend hasn't gone exactly as planned for many people. BBM didn't get launched on other platforms quite as it was supposed to, and lots of people are confused and upset about it. We get that. We're all in this together, and this too shall pass, in one way or another. However, it's still the weekend, and in honor of that we have cooked up an awesome little plan where we're gonna give away five boxes full of CrackBerry swag!

There may be a t-shirt, there may be stickers, there may be a coffee mug, pens, sticky notes or any manner of great CrackBerry (and maybe BlackBerry!) stuff crammed into a box and sent to your door. We've got a big pile of it, and the best thing to do when you have a pile of cool stuff is to share some of it.

Want to try and win one of the boxes? That's the easy part. Make sure you registered at CrackBerry with a real email address. If we pick you, we need to know how to get in contact with you. If you didn't and we pick your name, we'll never know where to send your loot and we have to give it to someone else. That would totally suck, so make sure it doesn't happen.

Once you've done that, just leave a comment below. We'd like to hear some positive thoughts, so let's see what you got! We'll pick five winners at random next week. All that's left for you to do is check your email and see if you were one of them.

Ready? Set? Go!