When it comes to third party Twitter applications for BlackBerry 10 there aren't many to choose from. The latest to gain my interest is Willow which certainly has more to offer than the native client that comes pre-loaded on our BlackBerry 10 devices. Luckily Willow supports both the Z10 and Q10 so everyone can enjoy it.

One thing I really love about Willow is its Active Frame - it shows the last tweet which I always find more interesting than just seeing a logo, so kudos to the dev for that one. The main screen is made up of black writing on a white background and at the base of the display are four tabs.

The first of these is the 'Home' one where once pressed you are given a list of options such as viewing your messages, mentions, lists etc. Next up we have the 'Refresh' tab. There is an option for the application to auto-refresh but I like to do it myself just for an extra bit of battery life - but still, a nice option to have. Tab number three is 'Compose' and this one pretty much speaks for itself. What I find handy with this one is that above the keyboard you get contacts, hashtag and send tabs for making life easier. Last but not least is the 'Find' tab which gives to quick access for searching on Twitter. 

There are also the three grey dots at the bottom right of the display. This will open up another list including profiles, following, followers, trends etc. Overall the app is packed full of goodness as you can see from the below list.

Full features of Willow include:

  • Multiple Accounts
  • Auto Refresh option
  • Embedded photos shown as previews in Tweet list
  • Automatic and Custom Retweets
  • Option to quote tweet when Replying
  • Last tweet displayed in Active Frame
  • Hub Notifications for new Messages and Replies
  • Automatically address Replies by choosing a user from a popup list of your Followers
  • Manage Lists
  • Manage Searches
  • Manage your Followers, Following and Blocked users
  • Manage your Profile (name, description and location)
  • View Trends
  • Multiple views including Home, Messages, Mentions, Sent, Favorites, List, User and Search
  • Show More buttons to reveal increasingly older tweets (or more followers/following)
  • Top and Bottom buttons to quickly move to the top/bottom of follower/following lists
  • Adjustable font size for easy viewing
  • Share tweets to other apps via email, text, etc.
  • Tweet websites and selected text from other apps to Willow through the standard Share menu
  • Tap a user Location to open in Maps
  • Users you follow are shaded in blue when viewing followers/following of other users
  • Protected account names are displayed in red

Willow will cost you £1.50/$1.99 and in my opinion if the native Twitter app doesn't fulfill your needs this one is a fine alternative.

More information/Download Willow for BlackBerry 10