Yesterday made a quick run through the town of Taunton with the Olympic torch in hand. The London Olympics are only a few months away, and thousands of lucky people will be carrying torches throughout the UK. The Olympic torch wasn't the only torch in-hand however. was also clutching his trusty BlackBerry Torch and managed to crank out a few Tweets along the way.

That was like, a surreal moment. You know I remember in 1984, the Olympics in Los Angeles, and me being a little Will, watching it on TV, wishing I could be at the Olympic Games, and I had that flashback when they handed me the torch to run through Taunton. So it's like a blessed moment, and a surreal moment, and an 'I-can't-believe-it moment' all at the same time," said

The Olympic torch will be making it's rounds for another few weeks until landing back in London for the start of the games on July 27th.