BBM Google Talk

We've now known that BBM will be available for Android and iOS users for some time. One thing that was playing on my mind is that when our Android and iPhone friends do have access to BBM will I still bother to have the Google Talk app open on my BlackBerry.

As things stand at the moment I tend to have Google Talk open most days on my BlackBerry Z10. It doesn't get used much but it's handy to get hold of a few buddies instantly who use Android devices. Anyone that has used BlackBerry Messenger over the years will confirm it's by far the best instant messaging application on any mobile platform. I have a sneaky suspicion that as soon as BBM goes live cross platform everybody will jump onboard and use it. So, for us BlackBerry users will there be any point in even having Google Talk installed?

I'm leaning towards deleting both Google Talk and Whatsapp from my BlackBerry soon. With the best IM client available on other platforms I may just decide that if someone wants to 'ping' me they can do it using BBM or not at all.

I may be on my own here but the team at CrackBerry would love to know your thoughts. So, select a choice from the poll and let's see what's in store for instant messaging in the future.