Now that BlackBerry has officially announced the global rollout of the BlackBerry Leap I thought it was worth trying to find out how many CrackBerry readers intent to place an order for it. I realize that many of us will only be interested in higher specced devices, but BlackBerry (and myself) believe there is still a place in the market for the affordable BlackBerry Leap.

With the Leap becoming available first in the UK (and then to be followed by Germany, France, United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and India in the coming weeks) it's priced rather attractively at £199.00. That's decent value for money if you ask me, but you have to remember that there are a bunch of cheaper smartphones out there - particularly from the likes of Microsoft with Windows Phone.

BlackBerry are clearly hoping to succeed with the Leap in the enterprise market, where customers will upgrade their older BlackBerry handsets for possibly the Leap as it's cheaper than the Classic and Passport. But will you be joining them or is the Leap just not packing enough of a punch for you? Cast your vote below and feel free to have your say in the comments?

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