4G PlayBook

A few months ago we brought news that 4G may be arriving in time for the launch of BlackBerry 10. Today, it has been confirmed that Everything Everywhere will be start bringing 4G services to the U.K. as early has September 11, all thanks to Ofcom giving them the green light.

However, with no 4G enabled devices currently available in the U.K. it won't be such a big deal as of yet. But at least Everything Everywhere can upgrade their infrastructure to be ready and able to provide 4G services for when BlackBerry 10 arrives.

Other U.K. networks will have to wait until next year before they can offer their customers 4G speeds but at least this is a step foward in getting 4G to U.K. smartphone users.

So, providing Orange UK and T-Mobile UK release them at launch could we see BlackBerry 10 be one of the first smartphones with 4G capabilities in the U.K? This also means that we could perhaps see the 4G PlayBook makes its way to the U.K. soon.

Source: Cnet UK