Wikitude 7

Wikitude has received a welcomed update to version 7 today and there are changes all around. The user interface has had an overhaul and upon launching the app you are presented with a beautiful new homescreen that can be swiped left and right to show you categories and favorites.

This new home screen layout is much more pleasing on the eye and the team at Wikitude have clearly put in a lot of time and effort. As well as the UI changes, Wikitude has also teamed up with a few partners such as and, giving you quick and easy access to services around your location straight from the application homescreen.

Whether Wikitude is app you will use frequently or not I would recommend a download. It is ever so clever and pretty now too! Keep reading for the full details.

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Wikitude, the world's first and leading Augmented Reality browser has today launched Wikitude 7 for BlackBerry which features a completely revamped user interface, offering a fun and intuitive way to interact with the Augmented World around them.

Specifically designed to take full advantage of BlackBerry's unique screen layout, featured worlds and Wikitude content partners are immediately accessible, providing users with a one click, content rich Augmented Reality view of their surroundings.

Users of Wikitude 7 for BlackBerry will now find three unique screens, each accessible by sliding either right or left. The Featured screen highlights some of the most popular worlds amongst Wikitude users, and aids in finding new and interesting experiences. This area is being changed frequently by Wikitude's editors making sure you are always see the latest and most exciting content Worlds.

The Categories screen helps users find everything from the nearest historical landmarks around them to the closest place to grab a cup of coffee, choose from more than 3,500 Worlds, there is something for everyone. Another swipe and a user generated list of Favorites screen makes favorite places and worlds instantly accessible. Customize Wikitude according to your content preferences and lifestyle. BlackBerry's unique BBM service within Wikitude arrives pre-installed on the favorites page, and makes finding and connecting with other BBM users a snap, beside chatting to your existing buddies in AR, you may even make new friends.

Wikitude is launching this 7.0 version together with content partners such as TripAdvisor,, Yelp and more.

"We are delighted to partner with Wikitude to help empower their users to make the very best travel decisions when preparing for their trip, through insight and feedback from the experiences of over 50 million travellers. With TripAdvisor on the Wikitude mobile application, users are only a couple of clicks away from discovering a top rated hotel, restaurant or attraction." comments Rory Kenny, Director Mobile Partnerships EMEA, TripAdvisor.

"The great thing with the integration of in Wikitude is that customers can look at last minute deals for hotels nearby using their phone camera. They can look at hotels available around them, find the right prices, look at photos of the hotel, as well as customer reviews. That provides to the customer a great, and content rich experience," adds Yannick Barriol, Mobile Marketing,

Wikitude 7 is now available for all supported BlackBerry devices.

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