WikiSaver by Casey Wylde

Wikipedia is a favorite website of mine. I love that you can go there and learn all sorts of random information with the click of your mouse. When I saw WikiSaver by Casey Wylde in the CrackBerry store, I was curious about it and installed it right away. It's a cool little program that acts as a screen saver when you plug in your BlackBerry to charge. When plugged in, a random page from Wikipedia shows on your BlackBerry screen. If you click the trackpad/trackball or hit the back button the screen disappears.

You can also use WikiSaver when your BlackBerry is not plugged in. If you click the icon you will also be shown a random page from Wikipedia, but you can always use the search function at the top if there is something specific you are looking for. I spoke with Casey and was told there are plans to add additional websites to the application, so if Wikipedia isn't your cup of tea, you will soon have other options.

WikiSaver is available for $1.99 and is compatible with most BlackBerry devices. As Casey is relatively new to BlackBerry application developement, any questions and constructive comments regarding the app are appreciated. 

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