Wikipedia  Mobile Version Launc...Err..Discovered!

The massively popular online encyclopedia service Wikipedia actually has a "mobile" version! For the longest time before picking up my Bold I was frequently using a site called WAPedia to feed my need for information. Now many reports have posed this as being a new service, but since its original posting over at MicroPersuasion, it has now been realized that the site has been there since at least August. In any event, it supports 14 languages and has a rather *weird* option called "Spoken Wikipedia" which seems to have not ever been enabled. Makes me hope it is what it sounds like it should be and it does indeed get switched on at some point!

Personally, since having picked up my Bold and browsed to the full Wikipedia site a good many times, I find the Bold's browser actually formats the site quite nicely without any real need to have a "mobile" version. Regardless, this is highly useful for older devices that do not have the new browser rendering engine in them. And oh yeah, in case you were wondering, CrackBerry leads to BlackBerry ;-)

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