One of the things I longed for when I first got my BlackBerry Z10 was the ability to print directly to my WiFi printer from my device. Sadly there were no available solutions in BlackBerry World at the time. While there were a handful of apps that allowed you to print from your device using your Windows PC as a go-between, none let you print straight from your BlackBerry to a printer.

Thankfully a solution has finally come in the form of PrintHand Mobile Print Premium. The app itself is an Android port but that doesn't really matter to me since it actually works. I had very little trouble finding and connecting to my printer with the exception that the app itself continues to want to connect to WiFi even if WiFi is already turned on. I'm chalking that up to being an Android port in that it doesn't recognize the WiFi connection. Regardless I was actually able to print - however this is where my one big gripe comes in.

Currently the app only lets you print from your gallery, web pages, contacts, Gmail, contacts or Facebook albums. Notably missing is the ability to print any sort of document - PDF, XLS, DOC etc. I did contact the support team and was told that they are working on adding in PDF support so hopefully that isn't too far off.

At $4.99 the app is a bit steep, but to have a simple WiFi printing solution it's really not too much to ask. As I said, my biggest downer is that I can't simply print anything on my device at the moment. Added support for documents will make this a sure five-star app for me.

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