Wifi BlackBerry

Wifi on BlackBerry devices is a great thing, but as great as it is, it can quickly become an enemy as well with the excessive battery consumption when it is not in use. Throughout the course of the day many of us travel between locations that have WiFi, most spots are programmed into your device to auto connect upon arrival, but that precious time inbetween the two locations is unfortunately draining your battery.

WiFi Manager is a great application that takes this excessive drain out of the question by allowing users to whitelist various locations, which are determined by cellular tower, and upon entering those areas the WiFi of the device will be turned on, and after exiting these pre-determined areas the WiFi will be turned off. If you are an avid Wifi user, and travel a lot with your BlackBerry device, this application is perfect for you, set it once, and let it do all the work for you.

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