Sprint Torch 9850 hot spot

One of the features that has gone missing in all versions of BlackBerry 7 is that elusive Wifi Hot Spot capability. We saw it, then we didn't, then we saw it, now its gone. Word on the street is that the feature will be made available for devices (most like on a per carrier basis) down the road in an official software update. Well it looks like someone at Sprint didn't get that memo as loads of BlackBerry Torch 9850 units shipped with packaging that states Hot Spot Capable right on the box. While this is somewhat true given it will be capable with the update, it's not totally accurate. Sprint employees received the notice above so they can be sure to inform buyers that the feature is not yet available, however it is said to be arriving in the fourth quarter (aka the next few months). So hopefully this highly sought after feature will indeed pop up courtesy of an official update fairly soon.