WiFi Disabler WiFi Disabler

I just got word of a cool new app called WiFi Disabler. The premise is simple - when a WiFi connection to your router is lost, WiFi Disabler will turn off WiFi radio on your device to help save battery life. You can set a specified time-out to give your device a chance to reconnect, and after the allotted time WiFi radio will shut off and alert you. If you are a power user and leave WiFi on when you leave the house or office, this may come in handy. However I suppose the big drawback for most will be that the application only disables WiFi, and it doesn't appear to turn on again when a valid network is found. WiFi Disabler works with and WiFi enabled device running OS 4.5+.  You can grab it for $3.95 from ShopCrackBerry.com.