I've mentioned this great application before here on the blogs, to which a lot of you picked up on and took interest in. Wicked Wordpress is, as the name states, a wicked wordpress application which goes head-to-head with the official Wordpress application and does so amazingly well.

After having used the application for quite some time now I can comfortably say that it is well ahead of the official application. However, one thing that may hinder Wicked is the fact that it is indeed a paid application where as the official Wordpress one is not. Wicked does offer a 14 day free trial though and is $30/year after that.

The added features such as twitter integration and built-in support for error messages really do make it worthwhile and Software updates & support are included. Important things for the hardcore Wordpress users out there. You can purchase the license straight from the BlackBerry app itself, and you can run it on 3 BlackBerry devices concurrently. Wicked will run on devices OS 4.6+.