BBM Pending

One of the most frustrating things on BlackBerry is seeing that stupid Pending status after adding a BBM contact. This happens while the request is waiting to be approved on the other end. If you add a contact by PIN or email you will often see this until the other user accepts the request, which at times could be hours or even days. At times there are other reasons for the pending status however, and we've got a quick list of things you can try to make sure the other party is seeing your request. Keep reading and we'll check out everything that could be holding you up.

BBM contact remains in pending status

Here are a few troubleshooting tips you can try if your BBM request is staying in pending status.

Make sure your device is properly provisioned for BBM

Verify you have BBM services on your plan. If not, contact your carrier to set it up. You can verify BBM is working by sending a message to another contact (if you have any). 

Verify the PIN or email for your contact

Make sure you are using the correct PIN and/or email address for the contact you are trying to add. If you're not sure, cancel the request and try adding the contact again.

Network delays

Sometimes network delays or outages may hold up your request. To verify BBM is working, try sending a BBM message or PIN message to an existing contact or wait a while and try the request again.

BlackBerry Messenger Errors

If all else fails, verify that BBM is properly installed. To do this, perform a full backup of your device using the BlackBerry Desktop Software. Reinstall BlackBerry Messenger after your device reboots.

Perfoming these tasks should clear up any issues you are having. Also be sure that your contact actually got your request -- sometimes the other party never even sees it for various reasons, so they may have it on their device already and just not accepted. You can also cancel out a request and send it again to verify that it properly went through. 

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