Considering EE is the biggest network in the UK they seem to have lost some faith in BlackBerry 10 on the consumer front. With EE being the first carrier in Great Britain of roll out 4G and with all BlackBerry 10 devices having LTE compatibility you would have thought that they would offer all four current handsets to both consumers and business users alike. But things seem to have changed.

I noticed a short while ago that there were no longer any BlackBerry 10 devices available to buy for consumers on the EE website. At the time I thought this may well just be a temporary glitch but over a week later and still none are available. Yet jump over to the business site and there's a nice selection to choose from. Business customers currently have the choice of the Z10, Q5 and Q10.

I realize that BlackBerry are wanting to regain lost market share in the enterprise space but if business users are willing to support BlackBerry 10 surely it makes sense for EE to offer the devices to consumers as well. After all, they have done until recently. Sure, we know that BlackBerry 10 sales have not been brilliant, but that's not going to change if the biggest carrier in a strong BlackBerry market is not even giving consumers the option.

I'm hoping that EE will see sense in the very near future and once again make BlackBerry 10 smartphones available to both business users and consumers alike. If they have a change of heart we'll let you know, but in the meantime feel free to hit up the comments with your thoughts. Or maybe even tweet them @EE and vent your frustration?

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