Arianna Huffington is currently the president and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post Media Group. She is a business tycoon, a nationally syndicated columnist, and the author of thirteen books. She is also a BlackBerry addict. We've seen her on CrackBerry several times over the past few years, like back in 2011 when she was removed from an airplane because she refused to turn her BlackBerry off.

During an interview at Startup 2012 in New York City, Ms. Huffington admitted that she carries 4 BlackBerry smartphones with her at all times. Four! When asked why she does this, she explained that she has one for each service provider, so that when she travels she can use the one that gets the best service in the area she's in, including international travel.

"I'm really anxious at the fact that BlackBerrys may disappear. I type a lot on my BlackBerry. I really use it. I don't use it just to take pictures and download things. I use it for work. And come on guys, you have to admit an iPhone -- typing on the iPhone is painful."

Arianna Huffington is a BlackBerry person, and BlackBerry People Do.

Source: Business Insider Thanks for sending this in Mark!

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