navison blackberry One of the knocks on BlackBerry Global Positioning Systems (GPS) is the need to have a special GPS receiver attached to your Berry. If this is something you are using all the time, then it’s no problem. But if it is something you might use occasionally, finding your blue tooth or GPS puck and loading everything up is a bit of a pain.

But, fear not, there is an alternative.

Mexens Technologies has just released their Navizon Virtual-GPS system, which uses clever cellular triangulation mapping to locate your position. GPS use satellites to assertain where you are. The Navison system measures your position by locating various predetermined cell phone towers and, by recording the various signal strengths, can estimate your position pretty accurately. The great advantage of this is that you don’t need a GPS receiver.

The application comes bundled with navigation-friendly MGMaps, a Java application which overlays the maps onto Navizon’s positioning data. The application also comes with points-of-interest, buddy tracking and direction services.

Navizon is available for download: simply go here from your wireless device. Navizon's Virtual GPS is available for a 15-day evaluation period and can be licensed for $24.99 after the trial's expiration.