Who is Mobilizing with BlackBerry?Something free to get your Friday started right...

CrackBerry.com in its partnership with TradePub is pleased to offer a Free Video Case Study entitled "Who is Mobilizing with BlackBerry?".

This short video highlights BlackBerry customers in government and SMB using the wireless capabilities of BlackBerry for more than just email applications (and no, they are not using it to play in online poker tournaments!). In this video you will see how "mobility" is being redefined by BlackBerry, including:

  • Where the BlackBerry solution is being used
  • Types of BlackBerry device users
  • Types of applications being used
  • Size of deployments

If you have BlackBerries in your organization you will want to watch this video. You might just unlock some ideas to take things to the next level!

Watch the Video Here!

Image Courtesy of MiiCreator.com. I just started playing with a Nintendo Wii this week. The addiction is already starting - between CrackBerry Addiction and Wii Addiction I'm in serious trouble! Be sure to have a Great Wiikend!