White BlackBerry Classic now available on Amazon and ShopBlackBerry UK

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If you've been waiting for the white BlackBerry Classic that was previously announced as arriving this week on Amazon and ShopBlackBerry for UK customers and carriers throughout Hong Kong, your wait is now over. Both shops have now listed the device for UK customers, so you can start placing your orders right away, but you'll want to be mindful of a few things here when it comes to delivery times, at least for now.

If ShopBlackBerry is your retailer of choice, you'll be looking at £319.00 incl. VAT with stock available right now. However, on Amazon, the price is £316.74 but shipping isn't expected to start until May 20th. So ShopBlackBerry is likely the best place to get your order processed the soonest but that could change, we'll keep stalking the Amazon page to see if the date shows different at any point and update, if needed.

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