We recently announced that Whine, a third party Vine application for BlackBerry 10, was now available so in true CrackBerry style its time to put the BlackBerry version up against the Android one. Since BlackBerry 10.2.1 dropped, installing Vine onto BlackBerry 10 smartphones has been a piece of cake but now taking a look at Whine, is there any need to do so? 

I'll get straight to my opinion and that is that Whine is better. The reason I made this decision is purely down to the fact that Whine feels more like the BlackBerry 10 experience than the Android version does.

We get a beautiful black background that not only looks great, but should save a little battery consumption which is always good. The other thing that makes it more BlackBerry 10 like is that the tabs are at the base of the display as opposed to at the top like on the Android version - for us BlackBerry 10 users it's just a little less far to reach. 

In terms of the way that the two apps perform they do the same job. Once you load your feed the top Vine will automatically play and you can tap it to pause if you so desire. Another bonus that Whine offers us over Vine is that if you perform a long hold on the video a menu of icons will pop up on the right of the display allowing you to like, comment, revine, report, share or save the video - all without having to remove your finger from the initial long hold. 

The only one downside I found to Whine compared to Vine is when actually recording a video. As I'm sure you are aware - you hold down on the screen to record and on the Whine app the progress bar is a little laggy in comparison to the Android version. This doesn't really affect the performance of the end result but worth mentioning. 

And then once your video is complete you'll be given the option to edit and then add a comments, plus share with your social networks - including BBM. 

Which option you prefer will clearly come down to personal taste but I'm a Whine man without doubt. It does the job, looks great and is super user friendly. Whine is free to download for BlackBerry 10 and is also available for all devices. 

Have you tried both? If so, let us know your preference in the comments? 

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