Whine v3.0 rolls out with new design layout, bug fixes and more

If you're a Vine user, then no doubt you've checked out and are using Whine, the third party Vine client for BlackBerry 10. It hasn't seen much update lately but that doesn't mean the developer has neglected the app. He's been busy working behind the scenes and v3.0 is ready to roll out. There's a lot of new changes including a new layout, well worth checking out. 

Whine v3.0 features

  • Complete design makeover including new graphics and layouts!
  • Highly improved camera recording speed and agility!
  • Vine Messages implemented!
  • BlackBerry Passport supported!
  • Recorder sessions supported!
  • Open external links anywhere in OS!
  • Pin your favorites on your homescreen!
  • Core overhauled!
  • Bugfixes of course!

There is one thing to note with this update, though. You'll only see v3.0 if you're running BlackBerry 10 OS 10.3.1. If you're running anything lower, including OS 10.3, you won't see it. It should also be noted that the price is now $2.99, however, if you have already downloaded the app the update will be free, as will future updates. 

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